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The Mobile Internet: How will it change everything, again?

The advent of 4G, Smartphones, Location-Based Services, Mobile Ad Networks, App Stores, Mobile Games, and Digital Media—anytime, anywhere—are fundamentally changing how we access content, conduct commerce, and communicate. AGAIN. Is the Mobile Internet presenting another tectonic shift for consumers and businesses alike and how will it affect our lives and the companies where we work? Who will be the winners and losers in this latest platform shift? Panelists:
  • Tom Conrad, CTO, Pandora
  • Rich Wong, General Partner, Accel Partners
  • Michael Shim, C’95, VP, Mobile Business Development & Partnerships, Yahoo!
  • Sam Parker, Senior VP, Operations & Mobile, CBS Interactive
  • Craig Walker, MBA ’91, Group Product Manager, Real Time Communications, Google
  • Brian Cooley, Senior Editor, CNET